A77ii, so who is planning on getting one?

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Chris Malcolm wrote:

tom wrote:

the problem is typical of every Sony product I've ever bought (and a few I decided not to buy). With one hand they give and with the other they take away.

Finally, they took the scene modes off the mode dial and returned the 3 custom memories. Finally, they added back the mode lock. Finally they added EVF stabilization.

But, they changed the flash shoe so I'd have to buy 3 new flashes (I know they did this with previous cameras, but I don't have those. And I know I can use adapters, but I prefer not to have the excitement of 'oops the flash fell off again'.)

Think about it. Since the old shoe has a lock an old flash on an adapter won't fall off any more than a new flash. And why would you need three new anyway? You an only fit one on the camera!

The problem, so I have read, is that the adapter doesn't lock to either the flash or to the camera (I can't find the link now on DYXUM, but I believe it was no-lock-to -the camera, not no-lock-to-both.)   I have used flash attachments that don't lock and somehow unless I keep checking them the flash falls.  Those posts from folks I trust did complain that the flash did fall off (A99 users).  I don't believe that Sony ever came out with an improved flash adapter (locks to both camera and flash)?? Is that correct?  It seems that it would be easy to fix.

Good point about not needing 3 new flashes.  I use 2 for remotes.  So I guess I would have 3 remotes and 1 new.  Unfortunately, I would still need to buy & use the adapter for my ring flash.  Since I use that flash with the camera in multi positions, I would still be concerned with controller falling off.

They dropped the AF assist light, and I'd have to use an adapter with my Minolta 1800 baby flash that I use only for it's AF assist light on my other camera that doesn't have one - the KM7D (assuming it even works on the new camera/shoe).

Did you read the spec? They dropped the AF assist light, not AF assist! What's more low light AF is improved, so it'll use the assist less.

I have cameras with pop-up flash AF assist.  They are not AF assist.  They are subject annoyers.  That's what I use the 1800 for to get AF assist on cameras that use the flash to annoy the subject while trying to focus :^)  The reality is that with low contrast subjects no matter how much uniform white light is shone on the subject, AF is slow.  The red patterned light gives quick AF even in those situations.  If the AF is so good, they should not even add the pop-up flash assist.

They've moved the AF x sensors away from the edges of the AF pattern (even though they were too far in on previous cameras.)

It's a completely new system. How do you know the new AF isn't even better at the edges than the old?

A linear sensor detects lines of contrast best that are 90 degrees to it.  When the angle becomes more towards parallel, the sensor doesn't work.  No matter how good the AF, if the linear sensor and subject aren't in the proper angular relation, it's not going to work well.  Again, if the AF is so good that x sensors aren't important why not just eliminate them all.  For some types of shooting I do (action), I want x sensors as close to the rule of 3rds intersections as possible, so I can put the key feature at the RO3rds intersection and follow the subject motion.  My experience is a linear sensor works much of the time, but I have also been frustrated when AF wouldn't lock, and I finally realized it was due to camera / subject orientation.

So some advantages, but in net - not enough to make me drool.

Ah, my apologies. I thought you were wondering whether it was worth upgrading

At this time, I have wondered (done the trade offs), and it doesn't appear to be.  As I mentioned, they added some things I really liked, but instead of just adding, they changed/removed some things that I find important. The additional $570 for a new flash and adapter also didn't help.  maybe once reviews and user experiences are posted, I might feel differently.


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