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Re: With exception!

digititus wrote:

Nordstjernen wrote:

Then I wonder why so many just have to blame or bash the camera instead of discussing what can be done with the gear. Camera tec is about how we handle the camera to get the best results, or ... ?

  1. All cameras are mass marked products, engineered to suit a wide range of users
  2. We have to accept that the camera is just like it is - do your homework before buying
  3. You need to learn the camera to know very well to find out what is hot and what is not
  4. If there are issues, why not look for workarounds - then you are fit for fight anytime
  5. If you don't like a camera, why tell/warn others? Why not just buy a camera you like?

Well, it will come as no surprise that I take exception to some of your comments. Whether you agree or not, many people come to these forums for the sole purpose of making an informed decision about their intended purchase. In fact, your own words say "do your homework before buying".

How does one do their home work if the only information they can find is the marketing hype in press releases and posts from people who think Sony can do no wrong. And these are the same people who seem to sit at their computers 24 hours/day to counter every criticism.

Check out *before* buying - ask on forums like this one to find out if a certain camera should work for you or not. This might be an important part of the homework.

Splitting the photographers in 'whiners' and 'praisers' doesn't change the fact that when you buy a camera, you get a box with some nice features and some limitations, and maybe some flaws too.

Furthermore, I think manufacturers pay as much attention to criticisms of their product as they do praise, especially if the criticism is widespread.

Criticism should be welcome, but then you have to argue well, not just throw out claims.

I think Sony might listen if you really have some well thought out ideas that affects the use of the camera for a reasonable large group of photographers.

Workarounds....well, I can accept that idea to the extent there are model differences and manufacturer differences. Features are left in or out by intent or design. So, you make a choice and "workaround" what is missing. However, when the workaround is for a flaw that is so basic, it becomes inexcusable, that is a different story. The Sony flash system is a perfect example. The worst in the industry, and with the announcement of the A77II there is not a word to suggest they have made any attempt to improve it.

Ok, find a workaround or don't take the picture at all. The camera is like it is, flaws or not.

Any finally, your statement #5 borders on being outrageous. Forums are for the purpose of sharing information, not for hiding it!

If others enjoy a camera that I dislike, why should I try to make them unhappy with it?

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