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Other cameras do that too. The problem with on-sensor PDAF is that it often does not work in low light and high ISOs, so the A6000 has to resort to Sony's slower implementation of CDAF. While you can get shots in focus Sony has always had a much lower hit rate of in focus shots in those conditions. Thankfully Panasonic's DFD appears to be far superior to on-sensor PDAF and there is no need for a $1000 prime lens to shoot indoors.

Are you speaking from experience. I've used both the A6000 and GX7 and the Sony has a much higher hit rate. Don't believe me, then read Cameralabs review.

You don't need the FE 50/1.8 lens for the A6000. I own it because I also shoot it on an A7R. For the A6000, you could do just as well with the E mount 50/1.8 which costs a couple hundred dollars and is image stabilized. If you want to shoot video on the GX7, you'll need to shell out $1500 in order to get image stabilization on a similar lens. Other than the expensive specialist Leica lenses, Panasonic does not offer a single image stabilized lens. This is a huge issue for video, unless you're happy to put up with shaky hand-held video.

I asked bc it sounds like you are either lying about using the GX7 or you spent about 5 minutes with it. Either way you don't know the camera.

If you look at his history he never mentions buying a GX7, but does have several posts about a NEX camera long before and around the time of the GX7 release.   Also, during that time he makes several negative posts about M43 cameras.

I suspect he is very similar to some of our other "friends".  

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