Dissapointing Sony A77 II High ISO performance

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Ed at Ridersite wrote:

Well, OK, but where's the answer to his question? Give us an example of a revolutionary camera.

My point exactly. There hasn't been a revolutionary APS-C based DSLR in years. I would argue that the last revolutionary cameras in this category were the EOS 300D and the D70, and those were revolutionary not because of their specs but because they took DSLRs out of the realm of professional photography and into the hands of the masses. It's just amazing to me that people read Sony rumor sites, get worked up over what could be, and then slam Sony for not building what the rumor site was conjecturing. Simply amazing.

If Sony is guilty of anything, it's that they continue to build cameras that try to be all things to all people with a product layout of good/better/best rather than the task based systems that you see with other manufacturers.

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