In praise of the V3

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Re: IMHO, the V2 looks are under-rated

DesertCat wrote:

Agreed. While beauty of form is a nice thing to have in our electronic widgets, I sometimes get the feeling people look at them more as a fashion accessory instead of a device meant to accomplish a job. The V2 mostly looks like a mini-DSLR to me. At the end of the day, it is a tool and I want the form of the tool to allow it to perform its job well. The only place I've seen the V2 disparaged regarding its looks is on photography forums. In the real world, people I've run into are very complimentary.

People have horrible taste and cameras are second only to sneakers in being universally horrible looking. Design standards are terrible.

The idea that design and functionality are at odds is false as I've stated in another comment. The best designs are beautiful - be they tractors, spanners or cameras.

Nikon of course know this, hence the departure of the V3 from the V2 and V1.

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