Fuji XT1 56 1.2 and the 60 2.4

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Fuji XE2 56 1.2 example tonal gradation

ravduc wrote:

I know that this is a very good camera and the lenses are excellent as well. But, you are saying that this camera can do the same as a full frame sensored camera. I think that every sensor size has it's advantages and disadvantages (I still use a Leica digilux 2 with a 2/3 sensor). Why even bother saying that it replaces full frame when it doesn't. I have a Fuji X100 and many in this forum also have Fuji X cameras. The X cameras will beat full frame in weight and size but I can assure you that my Nikon DF will beat the hell out of any aps-c camera in certain situations such as low light, tonal gradations, transitions between focused and out of focused areas, etc. Enjoy your camera.

Sure but the ice is getting thinner for FF IMO. I have used many different cameras over the last few years e.g. 5DMKII and D800 as the last couple of FF and I must say, that I don't miss them, even at low light or for extra detail. Here is a shot taken with the 56/1.2 @ 2.8 so cheating big time, I know but the detail? Lacking compared to FF, right?

Black and white, not extreme photography by any means, but detail probably not lacking ...

Will also now go back to my corner with my plastic camera, like one of those brilliant Nikon shooters suggested. Great attitude, I kind of miss that!


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