Fuji XT1 56 1.2 and the 60 2.4

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Re: Fuji XT1 56 1.2 and the 60 2.4

Giovanni_1968 wrote:

Uhm, I already saved a few hundred bucks for a lighter body than my D-SLR and the Fujis are very tempting, I'd really love to have an always carry around camera but now that am used to FF sensor I wonder about DOF achievable by such sensors/lenses especially since I can get a very cheap 85/1.8 for my Nikon where on Fuji I will have to fork out a ton of money to get same focal length (true, my D-SLR costs a lot more than the XT1 or XE1 but I already have it).

How do you find, say, focus speed compared to the D800 and what about DOF when you want to get very shallow (without to fork out a fortune for the 56/1.2)?

Nice pics by the way!

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Giovanni, your photography has really changed since you got D800........Most of your portraits are in HDR unlike what we used to see from your Fuji S5 Pro. Is this the direction you wanted to take?....I haven't noticed any difference in DOF between your D800 and Fuji S5 Pro.

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