POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

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Re: POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

sherman_levine wrote:

I've ended up shooting RAW-only because it was simply less confusing to me than saving duplicate Raw/JPG image sets and figuring out which to use for what. Picasa or FastStone or Irfanview work fine on the RAW files for the initial culling.

Pretty sure saving Raw-only is faster than Raw+JPG on FZ70

One of the reasons I like to shoot RAW+JPEG, particularly with my Panasonic cameras, is that I'm often very impressed by what the Panasonic JPEG engine can produce in terms of the combination of sharpness, detail resolution, contrast and colour.  For most of the images I shoot I don't touch the RAW, at least not straight away.  Instead I evaluate the full resolution JPEG output instead.  And when I see an image I really like, I am then inspired to play with the RAW using the JPEG as a guide.  I will often tweak many things of course, but nine times out of ten I end up with something very similar to the JPEG, but with the superior noise handling provided by software like DxO Optics.  In my previous efforts to stick with JPEG I tried Neat Image (both with profiles and without) and a whole bunch of other methodologies (and camera settings) for minimizing and cleaning up blotchy Panasonic JPEG engine noise, but although the results can be quite acceptable on occasion, nothing matches the silky smooth result that DxO Optics provides.  Not unless you reduce your output resolution to hide things, or resort to copious use of a heal tool in Photoshop/Gimp or whatever.

The other reason I shoot RAW+JPEG is because I spend a lot of my time using Ubuntu (or at least one other Linux distro) where my scope for working effectively with RAW is a little diminished.  None of these things really bother me though as all the compromises are just part of my current process which will undoubtedly evolve further soon enough.

(There's a bit of nostalgia relating to some great early JPEG results I got out of the FZ200 lurking around in all that mess too)

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