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Re: HX400v

Stephen McDonald wrote:

Dodge_Rock wrote:

cmgroup wrote:

Just a quick question, l cannot add any picture effects to the photo after it has being taking like l was able to do on the HX300, the effects l mean was Watercolour & Illustration, am l doing something wrong, any ideas..

If you still have the HX300, one idea is to put the HX400 SD card with images into the older camera and add the desired picture effects.

If there are people who wish to use such picture effects and if the software for it is already developed, then it makes no sense to remove it from future models. But this is something that Sony has been doing for many years-----stripping features from newer cameras.

Right on, Steve.

Wonder why they removed in-camera frame capture from movie playback and added that "trailing stuff" that can only be seen on the camera?  What is that, anyway?

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