OK, this is a camera tec forum!

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William Curtindale
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Re: OK, this is a camera tec forum!

Nordstjernen wrote:

Then I wonder why so many just have to blame or bash the camera instead of discussing what can be done with the gear. Camera tec is about how we handle the camera to get the best results, or ... ?

  1. All cameras are mass marked products, engineered to suit a wide range of users
  2. We have to accept that the camera is just like it is - do your homework before buying
  3. You need to learn the camera to know very well to find out what is hot and what is not
  4. If there are issues, why not look for workarounds - then you are fit for fight anytime
  5. If you don't like a camera, why tell/warn others? Why not just buy a camera you like?

Back to the title of this tread. If this is a tec forum, and tec is part of photography, I would expect many more treads about photography, discussing techniques to realize your photographic ideas and projects, instead of discussing how we think a certain camera should be. This reminds me of those listening to music, knowing excactly what is wrong, but they can't sing or play an instrument themselves ...

We already have lots of people being "critical" to the new A77II even before the camera is launched. Not much worth listening to.

From my observation, the best photographers actually don't talk much about how their cameras or lenses, they just learn how to handle the gear and then work within the limitations - and make excellent photographs, knowing that the magics isn't within the camera - is is all about the eye of the photographer!

Working intuitively and spontaniously with the camera takes a lot of training. And when the knowledge is internalised, the camera actually doesn't matter much.


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