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V1 vs V3 for a running child photographer wanting GPS

MrSkelter wrote:

I didn't buy the V1 because the lenses didn't appeal.

Hi, my children have grown up, but I understand your requirements and enthusiasm. The fast prime lenses are available today for the V1, and a V1 is around $300 (EVF included).

the V2 which was just too ugly to own.


Finally the V3 arrives. No big improvement in quality but pretty enough and I jump.

If the 18M and tilting touch screen are not big improvements, then one more reason to go for the V1.

32mm, 10mm 2.8, 6.7-13 zoom (a first - my first zoom ever) and the 18.5 1.8.

All of these work fine with the V1. Instead of the 32mm I bought FT1 and 50mm/f1.4G.

The speed and tracking are everything I hoped. More so in fact. It's the fastest body I've ever used of any type. People moan about the price but I don't see it. The camera will track my child running, full-speed, into the lens in midday sun, at f1.2, with a 1/16,000 shutter if need be at 20fps. There's nothing else I know of that'll do that. I can take picture I just couldn't before. The closest I could get would be a D4 or 1DX, about half as fast and ten times the weight.

Exactly the same propaganda that convinced me to go for V1 a year ago: I paid $300.

I had the budget to buy anything I wanted,

One reason to buy the V3

I wish I could get GPS without giving up the EVF. GPS is now essential and its omission is ridiculous.

Totally agree, I keep my GPS unit attached on my V1 all the time. I'd prefer a built-in GPS, though. One more point for V1.

I'd also like to be able to change the shooting mode between high-speed and single with a single dial or button press. The function buttons won't let me unless I've missed something.

Hmm, I think this is (more-or-less) possible with the V1, unless I've missed something.

Milled from a lump of solid quality

One more point for V1.

Finally I have no issues with the micro-SD.

That is, you could live with old style SD, too: no reason to buy V3.

I love the thing. If you have kids it's a no-brainer.

Hey, I was just kidding I am a V1 fan, and I tried to exploit your excellent story in a V1 owner's perspective. Actually, I will definitely upgrade to V3, but because budget is important for me, and I am not in a rush, I'll wait until the price of V3 (no EVF, no grip) drops to $300.


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