Catch-All Focus on the XT-1?

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Re: Catch-All Focus on the XT-1?

PG Thomas wrote:

Chad Hardy wrote:

If the sensor can't communicate with the lens, how is it is supposed to know when a subject is in focus? For the same reason AF doesn't work I would not expect the camera to know it is in focus with a non native lens. However if you say Pentax has pulled this off then cool beans. My A7R works the same as the Fuji.

Hi Chad

Yes that's how it works. I often use the Tamron SP 300/2.8 at sporting events focused on a part of the track and then raised a tad so that the image is out of focus at the focus point. When the Car / bike (whatever) comes into focus the shutter fires.

Saves a lot of wasted shots!


It is useful in so many places. Set a distance, finger on the trigger, depressed fully, wait, or drag the camera in a line and fire it does only when the camera detects focus. No AF motor engaged, just AF prediction. Amazing tech that the X-T1 lacks.

Not only that but the shutter always triggers the AF module, too. Unless I'm missing something, there is no way to use AF with the AF button only, and 'M' mode doesn't count.

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