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Re: About 12-40mm

Guy Parsons wrote:

Lumixdude wrote

A lot of people sing the praises of the 12-40 mostly because it's still new and shiny.

I would sing its praises in the future when it is old and hairy. It's a good lens. For me it has totally removed any vestiges of prime lust.

The 12-40 F/2.8 gets a lot of praise because it covers so much territory... 24-80mm and is still sharp and reasonably fast without many of the typical flaws you see in a zoom compared to a prime. For those who already have the 12-40 it's hard for them to justify why they need the 12 as its a lens that is already covered by their zoom which is understandable.

For people chasing sharpness, the tests appear to show that the 12-40mm is best at f/2.8 and the 12mm best at f/4.0~5.6. The prime may be a whisker sharper but no normal human would ever pick it, though (pausing to think) I guess there's enough serious pixel peepers here to see it.

On the other hand, for someone like myself who already had the 14-42 II R it goes the other way, I find it hard to justify why I should spend $1000 to justify a lens that I already have, so I bought the 12-2 and will probably buy either the 7-14 or 40-150 next. For me it's about justifying what little spending money I have to get the most out of my kit and in that sense the 12-40 doesn't justify itself as anything more than a lens dupe.

Not a dupe at all, it's darn good and the constant f/2.8 makes AF so reliable even in pathetic light. The extra chunkiness seems to make it easier to hand-hold at lower speeds. In my case I'm spending the kids' inheritance so no worries, though I did wait for the post Christmas discount madness.

But that's it, the 7-14/2.8 and the 40-150/2.8 (when they surface) do not appeal so much as they would not get enough use to justify the $$$. For the maybe 5% of shots at tele the Pana 45-150mm works fine for me on E-PL5, nice to use that Mega OIS for a nice stabilised preview without needing to press buttons. Wider, well I think the 12mm [of the 12-40mm] covers most of what I need and the 9-18mm may gather dust in future.

Regards...... Guy

See that's the difference, 60% of my shots are under 28mm and 90% are 35mm or under I find normal angles of view boring. I have a telephoto prime that I use out of interest occasionally to do sports photography on the beach, and for doing street portraits but that's about it.

A 14mm lequivelant ens interests me greatly hence the 7-14 is high on my list of lenses I want... It stands out and gives you that Panavision/Cinesope look which is both amazing and completely immersive.

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