can i justify buying an RX100 mk2 to accompany my RX10 ?

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Re: can i justify buying an RX100 mk2 to accompany my RX10 ?

martinj68 wrote:

So can anyone please explain to me any other useful differences between the two cameras apart from the zoom and size, for me to justify buying the RX100m2 and keep the RX10 too?

One HUGE difference to me.....the RX10 is a constant f/2.8 aperture vs. the RX100/mk2 that goes out to f/4.9 at that long end.  That's pretty slow by comparison for it's ability to gather light in low light conditions.

Another BIG difference to me is the very nice EVF on the RX10; whereas, the RX100 m2 does not have one out of the box. 
Everyone else hit the other points for me.

Now, I do have an RX10 and came from larger and some smaller cameras. I see, and am considering the mark III (when it's available), as a COMPLIMENT to the RX10 for just the same reason.  I can toss it in my pocket and always have a nice little camera with me.  It can go anywhere

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