Sold my V3 (but there's more to it)

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Re: Sold my V3 (but there's more to it)

Raist3d wrote:

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Raist3d wrote:

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At the moment I sold I was simply undecided and I felt like since it is a full system switch, it's $2800 USD the way I want it, and it starts looking like Leica or Sony FF money at that point.

Well, good luck finding a Sony FF system for that price,

For $2800 USD? You need to get out of that house

That's $1698 USD body only, $2,000 with the kit zoom.

Which zoom did you have in mind? Anyway, that's not going to be a nice system... but at a price much higher than the V3. Apples and orandes in every way.

Well, yes, but that was never quite the point. I was just making a financial comparison, obviously not a feature/tool comparison.

I didn't really know what the point was with that comparison, and I still don't know.

Like saying "ok this starts to look like buying a Ferrari" kinda gist (exaggerated more).

My latest car is red but it is a Mazda. I bought it brand new but never really thought about it as a Ferrari. I would never look at the Nikon 1 as a Leica, so I am sorry, but I don't understand your reasoning.

and if you find a Leica FF system for $2800... please make sure to check it's not just a plastic mockup but a real working camera and lenses.

Leica Ttype is solid aluminium, $1850 USD. Lens is $1750. $800 short but I said it starts to look like...

Leica T is not an FF, but:

No but that's irrelevant. That was never the point.

So what was the point? Sorry, I didn't get it.

  • Leica T body (Black or Silver) - £1350
  • Vario-Elmar-T 18-56mm f/3.5-5.6 - £1250

I don't know if your prices are the same, but well... maybe $800 is nothing for you, but never the less, that's even further away from the V3 kit. So what are you actually talking about. This thread makes no sense. Have you been drinking or smoking something you should not?

Wow, what got into you? Dude, seriously, chill. This was supposed to be a light post/thread and there are some light analogies.

Sorry, I still see no point with this thread.

Jeez, don't tell me you are also a brand lover, I think higher of you than that!

"Brand lover"? Just because I don't understand what your message is and disagree with the comparison between a Sony FF, a Leica APS and the V3?

I mean, the V3 is expensive enough, but really, to compare it with an FF, even the Sony, is pretty inane.

Anyway, I didn't really expected you to stay long with the V3...

Ah, you may still be surprised.

I don't think so, unless you sober up and wake up from your dream. Of course an FF will beat the V3 in many ways (no surprise for anyone), but not in every way, and definitely only for a considerably higher price, weight and size. Even the Leica T is heavier and larger though it is only an APS. If APS is what you want, there are plenty other alternatives which are much cheaper, and probably considerably better also. Remember that at least 50% of the price is the brand name...

I am not even pretending to buy the Sony or the Leica. I thought it was clear it was not a match and I was merely quantifying a money by comparison. Seriously man, chill and read it again.

You mentioned prices and drew some parallel between three totally different cameras, so yes, you sounded confused... I am not upset so I have no reason for 'chill', I am perfectly relaxed..

You are better than this

Same thoughts I had about you, which is why I was wondering what exactly happened to you.

Good luck and good bye.

So, are you staying or leaving?

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