Could somebody confirm this? X-T1 + Sandisk 64GB Extreme Pro 95MB/s SDXC

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Re: Could somebody confirm this? X-T1 + Sandisk 64GB Extreme Pro 95MB/s SDXC

Confirmed. Found this thread after having the same problem with my new X-T1. My 'date modified' and 'date created' timestamps are all -13 hours. I'm also using the same Sandisk 64GB Extreme Pro card, and that does not seem to be a coincidence (sort of, see below). I just put in an old Transcend 32GB HC10 card into the X-T1, formatted it with the camera, and took a few test shots. Timestamps all correct. Put the Sandisk Extreme Pro card back in, formatted it with the camera, took a few shots, and timestamps are all -13 hours (except the 'date taken', which is in exif). Just for good measure, I put the Sandisk Extreme Pro into my Canon 60D, formatted it, and those timestamps are also okay.

So the combination of the card and the X-T1 is the problem. I'm on Windows 7, my camera is not in travel mode, I can walk and chew gum at the same time, etc. The above test proves it's not a camera setting anyway. This is a known issue with some Fujifilm cameras and cards over 32GB, which use the exFAT file system:

This isn't just Sandisk, it's any card formatted with exFAT file system. I just formatted the 32GB Transcend card into exFAT on my PC and put that in the X-T1 and duplicated the timestamp error. The X-T1, like most cameras, won't recognize a card formatted with the Windows NTSC file system.

BUT, there is a workaround and I just tested it successfully. Windows won't do this natively to large drives, but you can get a little app that will quickly format disks larger than 32GB into the old FAT32 file system and use that on your Sandisk 64GB and it will work in the X-T1 (and other Fujis I assume) with correct timestamping. Yay. This one is simple and easy on a PC.

On a Mac, apparently the native OSX Disk Utility will do it (they call it MS-DOS FAT):

Just don't format the card in the camera and it should work fine forever. Hope this helps others until Fuji issues a fix.

Saludos, Mig

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