My biggest problem with my X-E2--the EVF

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Re: My biggest problem with my X-E2--the EVF

Sal Baker wrote:

I would never go back to an OVF. A shoot a lot of landscapes, many of them multi-row stitched so I need (and enjoy) manual focus. The nice big OVF in my 5DII was useless for critical manual focus so I always used live view. Trying to see focus on an LCD on the back of the camera is much more difficult than having live view in the viewfinder. The new FW update has increased the peaking focus aid dramatically IMO, and the velvet-smooth frame rate is a nice bonus.


Personally I still love OVF on my FF DSLR gear and really liked the matted focus screen for the 5D2 with fast glass like the 85L.  I was able to manually focus handheld on what I want very quickly; granted I won't get the most accurate focusing I would get versus liveview.

My problem is that I'm getting old (finally bought my first pair of progressive glasses) and am loosing the ability to focus on things close to my face plus I got very bad astigatism.  Hence OVF and LCD held at arms length are beginning to be harder for me.  With good OVF, you need to make sure you got the diopter adjustment perfect otherwise what looks to be in focus on the OVF might actually be slightly out of focus.

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