Catch-All Focus on the XT-1?

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Re: Catch-All Focus on the XT-1?

PG Thomas wrote:

wchutt wrote:

With regard to third-party lenses and focus.

I assume you refer to this menu option when you discuss catch all focus?

"Choose how the camera focuses in focus mode AF-S or AF-C.

RELEASE: Shutter response is prioritized over focus. Pictures can be taken when the camera is not in focus. • FOCUS: Focus is prioritized over shutter response. Pictures can be only taken when the camera is in focus."


And it doesn't work. Pictures can be taken at any focus position with non Fujinon lenses.

So it only appears to work with lenses which communicate with the body. (I.e. Fujinon). Try it!


Of course it doesn't work with lenses that can't communicate with the body. There is no way for the focus system to interact with the shutter system.

On most Nikon bodies the phase-sensitive focus sensors on the mirror can indicate focus using a green dot at the lower left hand side of the screen. This works if the lens is 5.6 or faster and shutter is depressed half way. I don't remember if the Nikon allows prioritized shutter control.

For the XT-1 Fujifilm does not use the phase sensitive pixels on the sensor to detect for focus. Instead in manual mode they provide the dual-screen mode so you can use focus peaking, a split screen display, or just visual inspection to set and confirm focus.

I have used D200/300/700 bodies since 2008 and the XT-1 manual mode outperforms the Nikon green dot method by far.

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