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Re: The GX7 is a fantastic deal in the UK right now......

Hman83 wrote:

In the UK, the GX7 is available for £750 with the 20mm F1.7 II (worth £290) and the new 12-32mm lens (worth £300) which has received great reviews. This makes the GX7 body valued at £160! Both the 20mm F1.7 and 12-32mm lens are the ones I want so this is an absolute stonking deal for me. A further £100 can be saved if the normal 14-42 lens would do.

Also, the new 12-32mm is as small as the new Nikon 1 PD zoom 10-30 lens which further makes the case of the small Nikon 1 lenses as an advantage void; which can be seen here:,472.397,ha,t

Through in a free 2 year warranty from Panasonic to bring it in line with Germany and this for me is really icing on the cake.

I loved my 20mm f1.7 lens (had it for many years) and the GX7 looks like a camera! L750 seems like a good deal.

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