Vivitar 28mm f1.9 on A7/r ?

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f2 version on A7

I just found an old camera shop with plenty of legacy lenses, he believes that all these lenses are not usable nowadays and selling them for collectors only. all are brand new but full of fungus.

luckily I found a Vivitar 28mm f1.9 MD mount without fungus and dust which I bought for 80$.

I wonder if this is a good deal and if someone used this on NEX or A7/r cameras.

ordered one MC/MD adapter to test it on my A7r.

any samples please ??


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I have a Vivitar that looks very similar, but mine is marked as a 28mm f2. On the A7 there are no issues with vignetting or colour shift (as expected from an SLR lens) and has quite a nive look to it, pretty 'classic'. It probably isn't razor sharp, but for my uses of it it is pretty decent. Too much pixel peeping going on, but I found it definitely performs better on my FF A7 than it does on higher density crop cameras, don't know what that means on the A7R though.

Well you have it now and an adapter on the way, only way to know for sure if it is up to your standards is to give it a go. If you don't like it, well not a lot lost and you can probably get a bit more for it on resale (though MD mounts don't hold their value like others, which is why I tend to buy MD's most of the time).

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