XT1 - how to enable focus tracking?

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Re: XT1 - how to enable focus tracking?

57LowRider wrote:

I think that there's a misuse of terminology here which is leading people astray. From what I've read, the X-T1 will keep focus locked on a moving subject kept in the centre of the frame where the PDAF pixels are. Go outside of that area (9 AF points?) and it will let go.

With other systems mentioned, how do you "paint" (or "unpaint") your moving target?

I think terminology is an issue.  There isn't focus tracking in the Nikon (and probably Canon) sense.  Even face recognition probably isn't tracking a face, just continuously looking for faces.

Rather what the X-T1 has is predictive autofocus.  Under certain situations the camera will predict in which direction a subject is moving and how fast and attempt to move focus as the subject moves, not after.

You get this in AF-C with CH modes.  This locks you into the centre 9 focus points.  What is not clear, and isn't clear from the manual, is whether you also get predictive focus in other combinations of modes if you restrict yourself to the centre 9 focus points.

A little more documentation from Fuji on whether this works in other modes would help.

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