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Re: I did not know this

Chikoo wrote:

Allan Olesen wrote:

Chikoo wrote:

Semi = 2/3 ???

"This Semi-transparent mirror is at the heart of Sony's SLT cameras. Light hits this mirror and approximately a third of the is sent upward to the AF sensor, while the rest continues on to the CMOS."


You did not know that "semi" often is used in the meaning "partially" and not "exactly half"?

Well, now you know.

Did you think that for example a semiconductor has exactly half conductivity of a normal conductor?

Or that a semi-submersible drilling platform is submerged exactly halfway?

Or that exactly half of a semi-trailer is trailing the truck, instead of everything but the front part of the trailer?

I hate when people make fun of language they don't have the ability to understand.

Really? You hate it? that much eh? just because you see a non European/western ID, you presume my first language is not English. Wonderful.

No. I actually assume that your first language is English, and that you have a very bad understanding of your own language.

In all the instances you have cited above, the intention has been half. The product got diversified after the fact. Dum Dum.

Rubbish. Look at them again and explain how you reached that conclusion. Do you really think that a semiconductor was intended to have half conductivity?

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