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Re: Facts GH4 versus Nikon DS4 autofocus speed, who is the winner?

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So in this thread, you personally linked to a test done by naturalexposures.com: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/53604443

I looked a bit more into it, and this is what I've found on CAF on some of the Nikon tests he did. I threw out GH4's 0 pointers since he didn't do it for his Nikon tests, and would put the Panasonic at an even more disadvantage. %1 is his 5 pointers divided by the total. %2 is his 5 and 3 pointers divided by the total.

Mirrorless cameras are quickly improving, but as you can see, unlike what you seem to be claiming, they aren't there for CAF yet. Do you disagree?

1 - 47
3 - 12
5 - 72
T - 131
%1 - 55%
%2 - 64%

1 - 36
3 - 11
5 - 109
T - 156
%1 - 70%
%2 - 77%

1 - 40
3 - 13
5 - 102
T - 155
%1 - 66%
%2 - 74%

1 - 28
3 - 15
5 - 50
T - 93
%1 - 54%
%2 - 70%


Also, for your future reference, the word "please" isn't used in English as you've been using. Maybe you mean, "Sincerely" or "Yours truly" or even "Thank you."

All I can say is thank you, but i do not agree, there are still other ways for the GH4 to take C-F pictures with leads to a much higher percentage than 55%!

What other ways?

Look around a get wiser when you know also how to calculate.

What do you think of a little more practice etc. The size of the subject counts also and the distance is very important all that and more has an influence on the percentages and how you calculate!

All of what you just mentioned can be applied equally to the Nikon cameras also, could it not?  So just as GH4 can get a hit rate of above 55% with practice and other things you listed, you can get a hit rate of above 70% with the D4.  This doesn't change the fact that it looks like D4 could still do better CAF when all other things are equal.

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