I have decided to cancel my pre-order a77II...

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Re: I have decided to cancel my pre-order a77II...

Silverback46 wrote:

AarSee wrote:

Silverback46 wrote:

.... I just don't like Sony changing the orange Alpha symbol to silver...why Sony why?? It looks like my humble a58 now!!

Hmmm then again Silver is my nickname...I may have to reconsider this!!!


You mean it used to be Orange? Wow I will have to look.

Yep, you were right it was Orange.

Now I will have to put that in my 'con' column for my Get a A77II list.

Silver, what were they thinking? Har-umpff

Rick this might just be as big a conspiracy as the Roswell New Mexico situation. Why silver, why not gold or a nice blue?? It may take some time but we will get to the bottom of this :). I have talked to the Cadbury Caramel people...they have offered to assist. There is a suspicious rumor floating around that Sony hired the guy who thought Coke should change their original recipe!!


Ah, I think you might be on to something there.

Did you notice that the new color looks suspiciously like "tinfoil"?


This "logo-gate" scandal makes Watergate look like kids stuff.

It is like an onion. Peel back one layer after another. Where does it stop?

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