Facts GH4 versus Nikon DS4 autofocus speed, who is the winner? Locked

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More selective "facts" and no link to the "tests"

josbiker wrote:

GH4 with 14-140 mm 3.5-5.6

Nikon with 24-70 mm 2.8

GH4-autofocus speed 28 mm 0,015 shutter speed 0,08

NikonD4S autofocus speed 24 mm 0,019 shutter speed 0.05

GH4-autofocus speed 280 mm 0,021 shutter speed 0,07

Nikon D4S autofocus speed 70 mm 0,023 shutter speed 0.05

Live-view speed GH4 0,21

Live-view speed Nikon D4S 0,93-097


Source : digitalkamera.de

I get it, you like the GH4.

Again though, you post cherry picked limited "facts" and no link to the tests involved....if they exist at all.

So, unless you can prove otherwise, those are not "facts", just yet more unproven claims.

You last post of similar claims, the site you used for "facts" showed the GH3 was faster than the GH4......so, PLEASE....either give it a rest or post some real facts and actual links to the tests.

Again, I think the GH4 is a great camera.....good IQ, an above average stills camera and likely the best video camera (BTW Olympics stills shooters have to sign an agreement they will not use video at all and video is shot with very expensive cameras....maybe the flying cameras will be GH4s if it is still the leading camera by the next Olympics).

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