My biggest problem with my X-E2--the EVF

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Re: My biggest problem with my X-E2--the EVF

You have 2 issues at once here.

1. EVF dynamic range.

2. Reflections interfering with your view of same.

#1 can be made better by setting Highlight Tone (Q menu) to -2 & Shadow Tone to -2.

#2 you must be right-eyed. As others have mentioned find a way to shield yourself back there. I have been left-eyed all my life. For several reasons I have been working on becoming eye-bi-dexterous with a camera. Learn to use your left eye as well & use that freedom of choice in situations that require it. As I have used my right eye more I have encountered these reflections - switching back to my left eye engages my head as a shield (I won't leave it at home so it's always available).

Lance Saint Paul (that's Minnesota)

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