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Re: Micro-4/3 IQ

jim stirling wrote:

PC Wheeler wrote:

jim stirling wrote:

I do not yet have the GH4 we have heard numerous claims from all the mFT boides in the last couple of years regarding C-AF , tracking and low light alas testing dos not confirm this at all. While I am very keen on video and it looks amazing. as I am also a still shooter I was hoping for a step forward in image quality unfortunately it looks to be much the same as all the other current mFT cameras give or take a fraction of a stop. So though the video is tempting ( very !} I think I will hold off this time.

Given the sensor size there have to be limits on the IQ attainable with any m4/3 camera, Jim. I suspect the EM-1/GH4/GX7/GH3 are approaching that limit.

Hi Phil , I think you are right not just about mFT but in the other formats there has been no real advance on image quality the a7R/A7 are just re-hashes of the Sony sensors previously used in the Nikon D800/E, D600/610 and Sony's own A99. In APS the latest the A6000 is no better than the D7100. Until some new sensor tech comes along I think from an IQ perspective there is little need to upgrade body.

OTOH the GH4 has improved over the GH3 et all in several functional areas like AF, electronic shutter, etc. which (for me) makes it a significant improvement vs. my GH3. And then there is the video!

I agree from a video and tech perspective it is a step up.The still image hiatus is what holds me back.

While I shoot at ISOs above 1600 occasionally, most shooting is below 1600. My GH3 does well enough at 1600 and OK on the occasional 3200 shot. My main pain at 3200 is a longer delay when shooting jpg than at lower ISOs; not sure why that is.

So I know the GH4 IQ will be fine -- and that the camera will be functionally better. Plus I'm interested more seriously in video now, and the GH4 sure scratches that itch!

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