Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

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Re: The GX7 is a fantastic deal in the UK right now......

I don't think we can compare it to prices from japan or any other country,  that's not that far removed from saying I found a street stall in Korea that had the V3 for 500, or some guy was selling them out of the back of his van.

You certainly cant subtract for the viewfinder.  That is NOT worth $350.  A camera like this should come with one built in, or if they want to make it remofeable, it's still a part of the camera.  I think the grip should be too.

I did go read the short comparison to the j1.  It doesn't look that much better.   I feel like the v3 should offer a significant improvement over the j1. What was sony's first mirrorless, c3? Something 3. The new a6000 is a huge improvement.  Even the nex 7 was.  I'm glad to know my j1 is really good.  But to get me to upgrade I need much better.  Since he mentioned the microSD card again, I think his review is almost entirely based off of that.   It's not that big of a deal.  Maybe microSD is the future.  Nobody said the new iPhones were crap as they slowly shrank the SIM cards.  The battery is basically the same as j1 so that's good.  the lens looks great, but no threads?  I'm new, but I'm under the impression that A polarizer is one of the things you can't reproduce pp.

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