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Re: Micro-4/3 IQ

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I do not yet have the GH4 we have heard numerous claims from all the mFT boides in the last couple of years regarding C-AF , tracking and low light alas testing dos not confirm this at all. While I am very keen on video and it looks amazing. as I am also a still shooter I was hoping for a step forward in image quality unfortunately it looks to be much the same as all the other current mFT cameras give or take a fraction of a stop. So though the video is tempting ( very !} I think I will hold off this time.

Given the sensor size there have to be limits on the IQ attainable with any m4/3 camera, Jim. I suspect the EM-1/GH4/GX7/GH3 are approaching that limit.

OTOH the GH4 has improved over the GH3 et all in several functional areas like AF, electronic shutter, etc. which (for me) makes it a significant improvement vs. my GH3. And then there is the video!

As to the original post in this thread: A person with a few isolated "facts" can be dangerous

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I also know that the Gh4 has less I.Q. but when do or will i use e.g. ISO 6400, when i shoot a series of pictures than it is not on a dark night in a alley or some thing like that, but e.g. on a sport-field etc.

Do you think that your answers are to the point?

In sport high ISO is extremely important. To freeze motion you'll need a minimum of 1/1000.

MFT doesn't have any fast long lens. The fastest somewhat bright lens is the Pana 35-100 f/2.8.

Take any indoor sport and you'll easily be shooting at ISO 3200. At this point a larger sensor will be highly beneficial over MFT.

You are a dreamer there are much more faster lenses take a look around before you write something like that. (you can use almost every lens also almost every CANOKON lenses) etc. et. WAKE UP

So tell me: how many pro sport photographers do you see shooting MF lenses?

How many did you see at the last Olympics?

Haha yeah, pro sports photographers love using manual focus adapted lenses, certainly the GH4's AF tracking speed is much faster than the D4s.... When using manual focus lenses of course!

Jeez this guy is obnoxious, any time someone posts a valid counter point (and many have) he simply moves the goal posts.

I think eventually M43s will get near where pro style DSLRs are today in terms of CAF tracking, but they aren't there today, and there isn't the same selection of fast native mount AF telephoto lenses that Nikon/Canon has. No 200/2, 200/2.8, 300/2.8, 400/4, 500/5.6, etc, which is what pro sports photographers often use.

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