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Re: Micro-4/3 IQ

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I do not yet have the GH4 we have heard numerous claims from all the mFT boides in the last couple of years regarding C-AF , tracking and low light alas testing dos not confirm this at all. While I am very keen on video and it looks amazing. as I am also a still shooter I was hoping for a step forward in image quality unfortunately it looks to be much the same as all the other current mFT cameras give or take a fraction of a stop. So though the video is tempting ( very !} I think I will hold off this time.

Given the sensor size there have to be limits on the IQ attainable with any m4/3 camera, Jim. I suspect the EM-1/GH4/GX7/GH3 are approaching that limit.

OTOH the GH4 has improved over the GH3 et all in several functional areas like AF, electronic shutter, etc. which (for me) makes it a significant improvement vs. my GH3. And then there is the video!

As to the original post in this thread: A person with a few isolated "facts" can be dangerous

I also know that the Gh4 has less I.Q. but when do or will i use e.g. ISO 6400, when i shoot a series of pictures than it is not on a dark night in a alley or some thing like that, but e.g. on a sport-field etc.

Do you think that your answers are to the point?

In sport high ISO is extremely important. To freeze motion you'll need a minimum of 1/1000.

MFT doesn't have any fast long lens. The fastest somewhat bright lens is the Pana 35-100 f/2.8.

Take any indoor sport and you'll easily be shooting at ISO 3200. At this point a larger sensor will be highly beneficial over MFT.

You are a dreamer there are much more faster lenses take a look around before you write something like that. (you can use almost every lens also almost every CANOKON lenses) etc. et. WAKE UP

So tell me: how many pro sport photographers do you see shooting MF lenses?

How many did you see at the last Olympics?

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