A77ii, so who is planning on getting one?

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Probably no, but

the problem is typical of every Sony product I've ever bought (and a few I decided not to buy).  With one hand they give and with the other they take away.

Finally, they took the scene modes off the mode dial and returned the 3 custom memories.  Finally, they added back the mode lock.  Finally they added EVF stabilization.

But, they changed the flash shoe so I'd have to buy 3 new flashes (I know they did this with previous cameras, but I don't have those. And I know I can use adapters, but I prefer not to have the excitement of 'oops the flash fell off again'.)  They dropped the AF assist light, and I'd have to use an adapter with my Minolta 1800 baby flash that I use only for it's AF assist light on my other camera that doesn't have one - the KM7D (assuming it even works on the new camera/shoe).  They've moved the AF x sensors away from the edges of the AF pattern (even though they were too far in on previous cameras.)

So some advantages, but in net - not enough to make me drool.


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