auto ISO sucks with X cameras

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Re: auto ISO sucks with X cameras

Jim in Hudson wrote:

MayaTlab0 wrote:

Jim in Hudson wrote:

This is why no other camera maker (to my knowledge) has bothered to provide such a setting... they know it's a waste of time.

Hem... Nikon, Pentax, Samsung, Canon, Panasonic on certain compact cameras (weirdly not on their m43 cameras, another example of camera manufacturers' relentless stupidity), Ricoh, have all provided the ability to set a fixed custom minimum shutter speed in auto ISO.

I'm virtually certain Olympus and Pentax have not provided this. Not sure about Canikon. That Panasonic chose not to port this feature over to any of their m4/3 cameras should tell us something.

Olympus and Sony have never provided this feature.

As usual with Olympus though, there is an unofficial partial workaround that revolves around what could be seen as a bug (typical Olympus), the "slow flash sync" option in the menu actually prevents the shutter speed to fall below the speed it's set at unless this means going below the 1/f rule. So it's still possible to use this trick to freeze action within rather narrow limits (your lens focal length and the max flash sync speed depending on the camera).

Pentax has been providing this, although it's in a completely non obvious way and even the manual doesn't indicate anything about this. When using high-speed program line the camera will if I recall correctly use a fixed 1/250th minimum shutter speed (possibly higher with longer focal lengths, but I haven't tried a Pentax camera with telephoto lenses). Not a perfect solution I admit, but still a fixed minimum shutter speed. I think I was indeed wrong to include Pentax with the lot since it works differently.

As far as Panasonic goes, I don't really know what it tells us apart from the fact that they're idiots, especially given the amount of complaining that has regularly surfaced about this in the m43 forums.

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