Weird, I don't miss my E-30 . . .

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Re: Just more skilled at getting it right?

linux99 wrote:

dpalugyay wrote:

But if you shoot raw, the differences are HUGE. How do I know? Well, I still have and play with the raw files from my E-3 and E-5, which fall apart rapidly when I try to adjust exposure. Let's not even talk 1600 ISO and greater IQ or highlight recovery (assuming it wasn't blown out to begin with. Enjoy your E-30 and jpegs. Maybe you even still enjoy taking the horse and buggy down to the crick to get some water to shave with.

Me and many, many others recognize the advantages of the new sensors and have moved on.

Or perhaps I'm just better at getting it right in the camera and not having to do gross post production with the RAW files.

Who knows?

Olympus, being and old, old hand has always had extremely good auto exposure. Because of the lacking DR of the old sensors up to 12 Mpx, they did underexpose however to protect highlights.

This is much less needed with the 16 Mpx sensor which has remarkable DR, therefore I decided to shoot only Jpeg. I think they bet this will be the future with the younger generation, that they shoot what they directly see, or communicate their emotions with Art Filters.

Personally I am all for great restraint, but one learns only trough mistakes

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