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dpalugyay wrote:

But if you shoot raw, the differences are HUGE. How do I know? Well, I still have and play with the raw files from my E-3 and E-5, which fall apart rapidly when I try to adjust exposure. Let's not even talk 1600 ISO and greater IQ or highlight recovery (assuming it wasn't blown out to begin with. Enjoy your E-30 and jpegs. Maybe you even still enjoy taking the horse and buggy down to the crick to get some water to shave with.

I assume these sentiments apply to my E-5 as well.  Well, I don't at all share your experience of raw files "falling apart" when I try to adjust exposure.  And I can shoot at ISO 1600 or even ISO 2500 all day long if I want to with only a smidgeon of detail loss.

I think that what you've posted about your E-3 and E-5 experiences has much more to do with operator error or processing mistakes than anything else.

This isn't to say that I think the E-5 or E-3 or any of the older Olympus digital products are as good as or better than the current crop.  I've just ordered an E-PM2 because I need that kind of small, easy camera in my kit.  I have little doubt I'll see somewhat better imaging with the E-PM2 due to the improved 16MP sensor and other factors.  But the differences will not be huge in any "game-changer" fashion.  My E-5 will still turn out very high quality images no matter when else may come along in the future.

We have reached the point of diminishing returns.  Still, having said that, I remain amazed at what $500 can buy today in the way of IQ compared to just a few years ago.

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