My biggest problem with my X-E2--the EVF

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Re: My biggest problem with my X-E2--the EVF

Jim Cassatt wrote:

Every one has made some excellent points. First off the picture, shown above, was fine. I could not see the detail in the water, nor on the rocks through the viewfinder. When I checked for the same thing off my back deck, the scene was very contrasty, but I was standing on a shaded porch, so the problem was not light entering the viewfinder. That picture was fine also. Compared well with the picture shot with my canon 5D MKIII.

Given we don't have EVFs with 16MP to match the 16MP in-sensor nor do we have 10-bit color, I can see why the complete scene wouldn't show the subtle contrast and color you can preceive with a very good OVF.

However, EVFs have the ability to zoom in extremely close which is the best you are ever going to get for critical manual focusing. I use liveview on my 5D3 a lot when I got the camera mounted on a tripod.

The thing is, I find fast manual focusing on the 5D3 to be harder to do than on my old 5D2 or on an EVF with decent manual focusing features such as focus peaking. It's a pity the 5D3 doesn't support interchangeable focus screens.

Bottom line for me is that I while I do wish EVF tech to continue to improve, with the X-T1, EVF improvement is far from my highest priority.  So easy for me to adapt to the EVF and move on to other issues.

I still wish Fuji-X cameras to have improved AF speed; the ability to select AF points as effortless as can be done with the 5D3; better support for flash; etc.

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