Played with a Leica T…Impressions

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Played with a Leica T…Impressions

A few days ago I played with a Leica T for a good half hour. So I thought I'd give some impressions.

First off, I have owned an M8, M9 and an X1 previously, so I'm quite accustomed to the feel of a Leica.

My absolute first impression is that, you could stick an Apple logo on the camera and easily claim it was designed by Apple. This is not a bad thing. What I'm getting at is that it's solid, high end feeling, very technologically advanced, with only a screen and 2 dials and driven by on screen navigation. THe on screen navigation is nice and large and easy to navigate.

It is a radical departure from all traditional Leicas. So, purists might have mixed feelings about its design.

The optional EVF, in my opinion is an absolute must. It's gorgeous, and has a built in GPS, hence also why it's pricey. Why couldn't they add it to the body, you ask? Well, because it's a solid block of aluminum, and obtaining a GPS signal would probably be very difficult.

I was limited to only seeing images on the back screen, so I won't give any opinions on image quality, because you just can't tell by looking at the back screen. I only got to try the 18-56. The lens feels solid.

The camera screams high end, and I'll reserve on a final opinion until I see images from it, but overall I liked it.

For those with M lenses, it's even more of a must to get the optional EVF, it makes manual focusing easy. The MF has no peaking. It just zooms in and you then focus the image, so, compose the image first, then manual focus. It's precise and I got sharp images every time.

I have also seen so much criticism online about price, and the fact that it's an old sensor, and why would anyone pay this much for a crop sensor camera, etc...

Well, let's start off and say that for those of you who have never used a Leica, you will never understand the allure to it, and you'll continue thinking it 's an overpriced camera. Whatever coats your boat. The M9 had a horrible screen, was very basic, and I believe it even had one of the lowest DXO Mark sensor scores, yet the look of the images IMO still is the absolute best, compared to any camera. That old Kodak sensor produces amazing images, probably some of the best I've ever seen. It has a certain look that is just so pleasing to the eye.

I think people get too caught up with specs, rather than the most important 2 things….the experience of using the camera, and the overall image that the camera produces. Everything else to me doesn't matter, but I've found that Leica cameras in general give me those 2 things.

Lets face it, Leicas are a luxury product, they are not for the mass market. They market themselves different and they can do what they want, and people will still buy them. They are not for everyone. Those who buy based on specs alone will be disappointed at what they see on paper. What's the appeal? Well, Leica has a small cult like following for a reason, and you have to use the cameras to understand that appeal.

Just my 2 cents...

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