Facts GH4 versus Nikon DS4 autofocus speed, who is the winner? Locked

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intentionally abusing figures

josbiker wrote:

I do think that you live in the dark ages with such an answer or you are just a guy that think that Mercedes cars is everything, if you follow me.

Thanks for speculating about what kind of person I am. Always helpful to get the opinion of anonymous dudes on the Internet.

What I actually am is somebody who knows what the D4S is for and what pro sports and photojournalism cameras are used for.

The D4S is about the last camera I would buy, but it's not a Mercedes car. It's a panel truck. It's for work -- a specific kind of work. Get it?

I believe in figures rather than in some talk.

Right, because figures never need context. The top speed of a greyhound dog is 70km/h and the top speed of a mule is about 25 km/h; the greyhound is 3X faster. Doing the math, that means the dog could carry a 50 kg. pack to the top of a mountain in 1/3rd the time. I love figures! So much better than talk.

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