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Re: S-AF on stationary subjects is not relevant to the D4S

josbiker wrote:

Eamon Hickey wrote:

josbiker wrote:

What is your idea about the D4s and what is exactly the figure too describe that?

There is no single figure.

And how do you measure that?

It's very difficult to quantifiably measure. Perhaps impossible by any reasonable process.

But the issue of how well autofocus works for tracking moving subjects of various kinds, with various lenses, is a real question. There are real differences.

The closest thing we could get to a definitive answer would come from giving a few very experienced professional sports photographers a collection of fast aperture lenses for each tested camera, then send them out for a couple of months to shoot a selection of different professional sports with each camera.

The fact that differences on this performance issue cannot be easily measured by magazines doesn't make them any less real.

And what is the difference between the GH4 and the DS4 because you describe that as a big leap?

As regards the D4S, Nikon could not care less about measurements of its S-AF performance on stationary subjects. That's the easy job. It's long since handled on any decent modern camera. Nobody buys a D4S for its S-AF performance.

For autofocus on the D4S, Nikon is competing (with Canon) in the realm of tracking professional athletes, in many different sports, for competitive publication on deadline. If you don't understand what that last part means -- and how it impacts engineering challenges -- then you don't really understand what kind of machines the D4S and the EOS 1DX really are.

Thank you for saying nothing.

I do think that you live in the dark ages with such an answer or you are just a guy that think that Mercedes cars is everything, if you follow me.

I believe in figures rather than in some talk.


How old are you - 14?

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