Weird, I don't miss my E-30 . . .

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Re: Weird, I don't miss my E-30 . . .

vadimraskin wrote:

Lumixdude wrote:

The E-30 is a very old DSLR, any/all Micro Four Thirds cameras from the current generation of 16 megapixel sensors should be able to substantially out perform it. Your lenses will work particularly well with cameras such as the GX7 or E-M1 with hybrid PDAF.

E-30 is a fine camera, capable of producing high quality pictures, especially paired with a high grade glass. Compared to my new EM1 it is, of course, less advanced but I loved its ergonomics and control lay-out, its size and balance with large lenses. It is not retiring anytime soon, especially when I intend to shoot landscape.

I just uploaded to a Stock site landscape pictures from the E-620 that I still find remarkable today.

The main trouble with that class of cameras is that they had a high AA filter. 12 Mpx in fact is still enough, but the increase of resolution in 16 Mpx is visible, because Olympus changed tack - or Sony's tech is so outstanding?

m4/3 is the final demonstration that small sensor with outstanding lenses can work as the new standard. Leica T in a way says just that.


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