Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

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Re: Steve Huff v3 first impression/review

Brandon birder wrote:

thejohnnerparty wrote:

As an interested party in the V3, that was a disappointing read. Hum!

Not sure why so many are disappointed. It wasn't a review. He gave no time to getting to know the camera nor in getting the best images from the camera. I will be playing with one next week and hope to spend more time than he did before I write any report.

It was disappointing to some of his readers that previously might have respected his exaggerated, admittedly fan-boyish (which he readily admits) reviews.


It is expensive and so what is needed is to see if the extra features of the V3 merit that expense. That imo takes a few weeks to assess properly.

Even ignoring the non-optional features (articulating, touch sensitive LCD, faster speed, etc.) the V3's image quality is significantly better than the J1/V1. The V2 only advanced IQ by a much smaller amount. The IQ difference is seen in crops of images posted by Steve Huff using the 10mm lens with his son's J1 and the V3.

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