POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

Started May 1, 2014 | Polls thread
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Re: POLL: How often do you shoot raw images?

It is such a simple step switching between RAW and non RAW in a camera one has to wonder what the point of all the arguing is. The OP only wanted to know who used what.

Yet as usual we have all this tribal you must use only one or the other stuff or one is complete rubbish and the other perfect (or their use of the camera is so perfect they do not need it) when most sensible people sit in the middle and use what suits best at the time.

Tom Axford wrote:

How often do you shoot raw images (including raw+jpeg) rather than jpeg alone?

If your use of raw varies with the type of camera you are using, then please answer this poll for your use of Panasonic compact cameras only.

I have put this poll in the Micro Four Thirds forum also to see how much difference there is.

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