What I really wish Pentax would do

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Re: Why Pentax?

SirSeth wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

RichRMA wrote:

Put out a mirror-less based on the K3, which IMO, is the finest APS-C DSLR there is. Just make the body thinner, so we aren't stuck in the Pentax lens straight-jacket. I've got over 100 lenses I can use with mirror-less bodies and would love Pentax's version of something like this. Build an electronic adapter to use the current lenses in AF mode, it's easy, you just need contacts.

Well, you like mirrorless cameras so I'm not surprised. But... why? There are many MILC makers, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Fuji, Leica, JK Kodak, Canon - that are making APS-C or m4/3 cameras, can't you find something to your liking?

Yet there are only 3 DSLR manufacturers left

Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus, Leica, and Hasselblad make DSLRs.

I stand corrected: there are only 3 small format DSLR manufacturers left: Pentax, Canon and Nikon.

Sony's SLTs are not DSLRs (since they're using an electronic viewfinder), Olympus gave up on DSLRs (no 4/3 product since 2010), Leica and Hasselblad have DSLR product in their line-up but those are medium format.

Ok, so Olympus is outgoing and the Sony is fixed mirror DSLR, and it's easy not to count super high end and medium format DSLRs, but still if we are going to list minor characters like JK imaging and Leica with their clones on the mirrorless side of things, might as well list all the DSLR makers.

I think it's worth mentioning that Nikon and Pentax are mirrorless players too. I like my Q system. It's like a super mature toddler. A point and shoot brain in a grown up body. (Well if that doesn't sound a little bit mentally handicapped, what does?)

Further qualification is needed: I am talking about a large sensor (m4/3 - APS-C) mirrorless camera, like the OP requested. You are of course correct: Nikon and Pentax have smaller sensor mirrorless systems, which I purposely ignored.

(while the market is about 4x larger); and Pentax is one of them. It makes sense to continue putting effort into the K-mount; launching a new, 4th system - a huge task, and yes they'll need to launch lenses as well, despite you already having 100 - will divert resources from that.

2013 mirrorless sales (3.31 million) compared to DSLR sales (13.8 million) are as you say, almost a 4x difference. Both, however, are down significantly with DSLRs taking a greater hit. (CIPA 2013 figures from Imaging Resource article).

Interesting. Looking at the production figures, the DSLR:MILC ratio was 3.99 in 2012 and 4.29 in 2013 - the MILCs lost more ground (and lost ground relative to the DSLRs). In value the ratio is even more unfavourable to MILCs (and that makes MILCs overall cheaper products).

Total units for interchangeable lens cameras this year may be down to 50 million units from the 100 million unit high of 2 years ago. That represents a huge decline. My opinion is that it would be insane for Pentax to try to launch a new mount in this climate where markets are saturated and luxury sales are sharply declining.

I agree.

Moving up-market seems like a better idea than competing on the price sensitive MILC market, with the huge investment required by launching an entirely new system (and the backlash on the K-mount system).


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