Purpose and Photography - Thoughts after 25 years... (repost)

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Re: Purpose and Photography - Thoughts after 25 years... (repost)

Great post; thanks for sharing.

Something I’ve been thinking about; for me I plan to concentrate on perspective and viewpoint. Due to an eclectic and varied mix of hobbies, I often get to see things from perspectives only a limited number of amateur photographers would have available. I’m just am amateur photographer, but have taken my video and photo activities seriously over the prior years.

Whereas a landscape or sunset is available to all; I’m an active skydiver, helicopter pilot and yachtsmen among other activities. So like the scene from the movie “Dead Poets Society” where the teacher asks them to all stand on top of their desks to look at their surroundings from a different perspective/viewpoint, my main focus going forward will be incorporate this idea into my photography. I want it to be about action, but with activities that I do myself, not just spectate with a camera – so that I can possibly bring something more to the photo.

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