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Bundle price includes discount

Bill Dewey wrote:

So, would people be much happier with the V3 if the entry cost was $500 instead of $1200?

EVF - $330
Grip - $164
FT-1 - $240

Prices from the Nikon USA site

If my math is close to correct that all adds up to about $730. Going to some even higher math, $1200 - $730 = something close to $470.

Hmmmmm, and that includes 1 lens. What is the price of comparable bodies/systems? Would the reviewers and pundits, Thom Hogan included, have a different "opinion" if Nikon did not force the "bundle" price.

In my case I will sell the FT-1, as I already have one, along with a lens, so I will reduce my total outlay by perhaps $400, I just don't see how the V3 itself is that expensive, considering other cameras in the category.

That's not how to derive the V3 body only price as a bundle price includes discount of all the parts.

Since Nikon does sell V3 body only in Japan, a quick check in kakaku reveals follwing:

V3 body only: US$766

V3 10-30 kit: US$841

V3 EVF/Grip: US$1,147 which is in line with the US V3 super kit.

Digging through past news we have:

V2 10-30 kit: US$899.95

V1 10-30 kit: US$899.95

So it seems the V3 10-30 kit is pretty much the same as the V1/V2 kit.

However, both V1 and V2 have built-in EVF and V3 doesn't. And V2 has built-in grip which costs Nikon a dime or so. V3 in my opinion gives Nikon a much better profit margin, either selling with or without EVF/grip.

The FT-1 is a temporary giveaway by Nikon USA.

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