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Stephen McDonald
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Re: HX400v

cmgroup wrote:

Just a quick question, l cannot add any picture effects to the photo after it has being taking like l was able to do on the HX300, the effects l mean was Watercolour & Illustration, am l doing something wrong, any ideas..

I've gone through the Help Guide for the HX400V and I can't find any mention of adding those effects after shooting. There don't seem to be any features like that on the PMH Program, either. Apparently, you have to set the camera before shooting to produce those effects. Whether or not it stores a normal photo as well, I don't know. If not, you'd be stuck with only the altered image.

I also went through the User Guide for the HX300 and under Picture Effect, it describes applying Watercolor and Illustration effects to recorded images, something that is not mentioned in the same place in the HX400V Help Guide. So there it is, a reduced special feature. Personally, I'll take the superior all-around performance of the HX400V and consider it a good trade-off for something I'd never use anyway.

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