What I really wish Pentax would do

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Why Pentax?

RichRMA wrote:

Put out a mirror-less based on the K3, which IMO, is the finest APS-C DSLR there is. Just make the body thinner, so we aren't stuck in the Pentax lens straight-jacket. I've got over 100 lenses I can use with mirror-less bodies and would love Pentax's version of something like this. Build an electronic adapter to use the current lenses in AF mode, it's easy, you just need contacts.

Well, you like mirrorless cameras so I'm not surprised. But... why? There are many MILC makers, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Fuji, Leica, JK Kodak, Canon - that are making APS-C or m4/3 cameras, can't you find something to your liking?

Yet there are only 3 DSLR manufacturers left (while the market is about 4x larger); and Pentax is one of them. It makes sense to continue putting effort into the K-mount; launching a new, 4th system - a huge task, and yes they'll need to launch lenses as well, despite you already having 100 - will divert resources from that.

So, why Pentax?


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