What I really wish Pentax would do

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Re: Why it can't happen

Roland Karlsson wrote:

justin23 wrote:

James O'Neill wrote:

And don't forget for all the noise about them. the Japanese camera industry sells 4 or 5 SLRs for each non-SLR interchangeable. A new mirrorless range makes only slightly better commercial sense than getting back into compacts in a big way.

Just like for every 1 FF camera they sell 10 Aps-c cameras, that doesn't stop people from making up doom and gloom stories either.

Problem with the K-01 is people who want a mirrorless camera want it because they are smaller. The K-01 wasn't small enough. My thoughts are if Pentax goes mirrorless they need a new mount, but if they do, they need to probably make it FF as as well and have a K-mount adaptor. FF mirrorless is not much bigger than aps-c mirrorless. At least an FF mirrorless will attract both the mirrorless crowd and the FF crowd. Maybe not all of them, but it increases the number of people interested in buying that camera.

An FF mirrorless with a good grip and a good integration with K-mount, via a good adapter, would probably sell well.

But a FF DSLR should sell better, and the FF K-mount lenses - much better (as they would be also bought by the 9x larger APS-C user base).

Besides, "integration via a good adapter" is good enough only for some people, and only if changing mounts was already decided. I'm unwilling to go that route and lose things I appreciate (and are deemed irrelevant by a small but vocal minority).


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