auto ISO sucks with X cameras

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Re: auto ISO sucks with X cameras

Jim in Hudson wrote:

Mike in Kansas wrote:

I concur. I would much rather set a minimum shutter speed versus some arbitrary 1/focal length rule. With the OIS lenses you can typically get sharp shots at less than 1/focal length.

Similarly, when shooting action I usually want a minimum of 1/500th of a second in order to freeze action. This has nothing to do with focal length. I for one am glad for the change and think it is a much better implementation.

Considering these are interchangeable lens cameras, you're going to have to change the minimum shutter speed every time you change the lens. Of course, you're completely out of luck with these nice Fujifilm zoom lenses unless you think "one size fits all (focal lengths)' for minimum shutter speed.

You need to clearly distinguish what the minimum shutter speed is meant to combat. If it is hand shake, then focal length is relevant. If it is subject motion, then there is no necessary relationship with focal length.

I generally find that subject motion rather than hand shake is the thing that determines the minimum acceptable shutter speed and hence focal length is irrelevant. I only use the "nice Fujifilm zoom lenses", which are stabilized (very effectively). If I was using primes, then handshake would be a bigger issue.

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