auto ISO sucks with X cameras

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Re: auto ISO sucks with X cameras

justin_time wrote:

Agree Auto-iso sucks. But then using 1/equivalent focal length also sucks (Fuji users complained like hell in this forum before firmware update). I have used Nikons latest auto-iso implementation in D800 which is 1/equivalent focal length * multiplier OR you set single minimum speed and that is better, but IMO still not perfect.

This is what I'd suggest as perfect auto-iso (for me anyway):
Minimum shutter speed is the higher or:
a) single min shutterspeed value (upto 1/4000th) entered by user (to cover subject blur)


b) 1 / equivalent focal length * user entered multiplier (+-4 stops). The multiplier should have different values memorised for at least OIS ON/OFF and maybe for each lens.

that way I'd set multipliers for my lenses when I bought camera/lens and change a) as I was shooting in Auto iso mode. If I still didn't like the shutter/aperture/iso combination the automatics calculated then revert to manual iso.

I agree this is  the best implementation. There is one drawback though: people may be confused but if they understand how it works, this is the nearly the perfect one

Waiting for this perfect implementation, it could be nice if Fuji could just let the option to select the old way. A fast fix. But sooner or later,  they will have to tend toward an implementation like the Nikon one or the one you suggest. This is important IMHO.

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