My biggest problem with my X-E2--the EVF

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Ray Sachs
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EVFs have upsides and downsides, like OVFs...

For sure, EVFs, although much better than even those from 2-3 years ago, still have their limits. And DR is one of them. I've taken many shots on bright days where the shadows looked absolutely black, but I've learned to trust that the detail will be there in the raw file. The EVFs in the XT1 and EM1 are much larger, and seemingly brighter than the one on the XE2, but they can also be difficult in some light and they can show too little DR as well.

But I shot with a DSLR again recently and, while I loved the big real view through the OVF, I found I missed the live view shooting experience more than I enjoyed the OVF. I really like having an idea of how the exposure controls I'm adjusting are going to effect the shot as I'm composing it, even if I can't see all of the detail. I actually felt a little hobbled by the big bright view not changing as I made various adjustments. And for manual focus, I definitely prefer the EVFs magnification and focus aids.

The best of both worlds would somehow be a hybrid finder that worked TTL so it could work with a full range of system lenses. The type of hybrid approach in the X-Pro and X100(s) is brilliant, but limited to a relatively small subset of lenses. And, of course loses some framing accuracy.

So, we each pick our poison. There's no perfect solution. Yet. And maybe never.  But we've never had more good options than we do today...

We judge photographers by the photographs we see. We judge cameras by the photographs we miss - Haim Zamir

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